Sheizor Kurael

Sheizor the crippled is a Necromancer in Domak.


Sheizor Kurael is a necromancer who specializes in summoning magic, he doesn’t care for the tainted races of Castron, to Sheizor they are all meat waiting to be sacrificed to the great Ganari Gods, Kuri in particular. He believes that the Ganari should be the true rulers of Castron and that the tieflings are not a curse, but those who were cleansed of sin by the Ganari. He is willing to work with the meat if he thinks it will benefit the Ganari in some way.

Race – Tiefling
Class – Mage/Necromancer
Gender – Male
Age – 20
Religion – Kuri/Ganari God of summoning
Ultimate – Second Chance
Sheizor can revive himself.
– Sheizor is obsessed with ritual and must carve the name Kuri on any dead human/demi-human he comes across.
- Sheizor’s left leg is weak and can’t move faster than a walking speed. (-2 AGILITY)
-Half MP cost for all spells


Like all Tieflings, Sheizor was subjected to the prejudices of Domak ever since he could remember. At the age of 15 Sheizor was being insulted in the streets, he was constantly berated about his demonic appearance, but even so he loved how he looked, his horns and red skin made him feel badass, and he only felt pride about his history. Sheizor’s Parents were forced to take on the undesirable jobs of Everton because few would be willing to hire a Tiefling for legitimate work, his father worked as a sparring partner for the guard’s but he was more like a punching bag since he wasn’t allowed to fight back , and his mother swept the city streets of dirt, vomit, and shit. Even so Sheizor’s Parents endured it to put food on the table and it allowed them to own a shack on the outskirts of the city for the three of them to live in, away from the hate of the city.

One day, Sheizor and his parents were returning from the market with the days dinner when they passed a group of four drunks in the street. Sheizor’s parents tried to hurry past, but the drunks moved in to block them. They pushed Sheizors parents to the ground and started calling them all kinds of racist names, then the biggest one turned and looked at sheizor, and started to make his way towards him, Sheizor just stood there paralyzed with fear as his parents were beat and a brutish drunk made his way towards him. Sheizor’s mother begged for them to leave him alone but they didn’t care, the big guy kicked sheizor in the gut and he fell to his knees. As the other three drunks continued to beat the parents the big one pushed Sheizor onto his back and he started to stomp on his left leg. As the big drunk continued to crush Sheizor’s left leg, one of the drunks beating up Sheizor’s parents pulled out a sword and killed his two friends, then he killed himself. Suddenly a hooded man appeared behind the big drunk and placed his hand upon his head, suddenly the drunk fell to his knees as the life seemingly drained from his face. Now free, Sheizor crawled to his parents side, but it was too late, they had already passed. The hooded figure approached Sheizor while removing his hood. Sheizor looked up at his saviour and saw an average looking human male who looked to be in his twenties. he introduced himself as Faxion and asked sheizor for his name. But sheizor was too out of it from the beating he had just received and he passed out.

The next thing Sheizor knew he was waking up in a cavern, the only source of light was a fire pit in the centre of the room with a pot cooking over the fire, faxion was stirring the contents. Then he got a jar and scooped up a strange red liquid. He started walking over to Sheizor when he noticed he was awake and he explained that he had brewed a potion for him. Faxion handed Sheizor the potion, Sheizor took a sip and felt his pain evaporate, then Sheizor quickly down the potion in one gulp. Faxion gave a light hearted chuckle and once again asked Sheizor for his name, this time Sheizor was able to answer.
(to be continued)

Sheizor Kurael

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