Sheizor Kurael

Sheizor the crippled is a Necromancer in Domak.


Sheizor Kurael is a necromancer who specializes in summoning magic, he doesn’t care for the tainted races of Castron, to Sheizor they are all meat waiting to be sacrificed to the great Ganari Gods, Kuri in particular. He believes that the Ganari should be the true rulers of Castron and that the tieflings are not a curse, but those who were cleansed of sin by the Ganari.

Race – Tiefling
Class – Mage/Necromancer
Gender – Male
Age – 20
Religion – Kuri/Ganari God of summoning
Ultimate – Second Chance
Sheizor can revive himself.
– Sheizor is obsessed with ritual and must carve the name Kuri on any dead human/demi-human he comes across. (-2 HP and MP if he forgets)
- Sheizor’s left leg is crippled. (-2 AGILITY) (Double travel time on foot)
-Half MP cost for all spells


Sheizor Kurael grew up in the slums of Everton with his mother and father, because of their race they were heavily discriminated against by the general populace of the city, one day some drunks came down to harass them, they beat Sheizor’s Mother and Father and crushed his left leg, his Father became enraged at the sight of this and tried to fight back but this just pissed the drunks off more and they beat both Sheizor’s Father and Mother to death.

Wandering the streets hungry and alone sheizor was discovered by a fellow Tiefling named Keyvan who decided to take Sheizor under his wing. Keyvan was a scholar who taught Sheizor that his race was nothing to be ashamed about and he shouldn’t let hate keep him down. After living and studying with him for a few years Keyvan became very ill and died.

Sheizor continued to study on his own but over the years his research began to take a darker path. First he came up with his own interpretation of the Ganari’s ‘curse’, then he began to delve in necromancy and the mystical arts, and finally he started to full on worship the Ganari, carving Kuri’s name into any humanoid corpse he comes across without regard for who it was.

Sheizor Kurael

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