Avidel Snowheart

Judge, Jury, Executioner.


Race: Half-Elf
Class: Druid
Gender: Female
Age: 43
Religion: Worshipper of Zilbris

Uncivilized: -1 in conversational turns, +2 with Improvised weapons

Hunted: Avidel is a target for assassins hired by the Hogsfell guards.

Elemental Storm: Avidel fires an arrow into the heavens and calls upon the God of Elements to transfer power into it, summoning a storm powered by the chosen element (Ice, Fire, Electricity). This storm punishes exposed foes with Lightning, frost or fireballs.


Avidel Snowheart was born into a cruel and unforgiving world. Raised in Hogsfell, Domak’s most brutal town, she quickly learned that to get ahead in life you cannot leave your trust in anyone. Her parents, who were outcast by the townspeople for their interracial relationship, owned an old farmhouse on the outskirts of the town. Ruth, Avidel’s mother, was a profound sorceress and healer, but excessive use of dark magic made Avidel despise of the darker arcane arts. Avidel’s father, an elven warrior from the great war, was a member of the towns guard, and also a successful hunter/butcher, his name was Feyrith. Together, they raised and trained Avidel until she was 14 years old, when everything changed.

After a normal day of hunting and training, Avidel and her Father returned home to find it empty. Everything of any worth was taken, and furniture was knocked over and broken. In a panic, they both split up to look for Ruth. They searched high and low, but to no avail. Eventually, Feyrith realized that the intruders had left tracks on the muddy cobblestone road, and he followed them, as did Avidel. The trail grew cold, and so did the weather, as they approached Snowvale. As they climbed up the mountain, it got colder and colder, and eventually they arrived at the town, exhausted and frozen half to death. They walked into the Inn, where Feyrith noticed a disturbingly familiar face, and quickly turned to exit. Confused, Avidel followed him, as she saw the urgency in his eyes. Outside the Inn, Feyrith told Avidel something she would never forget. He told her about his years in the great war, and how he was far from an average soldier, he was involved in the battle of Everton, and was taken prisoner by the Orcs. The man in the inn was Hargnar, a human traitor. He was the one that tortured and tormented Feyrith. The scar on Hargnar’s face was a gift from Feyrith, the wound was inflicted with a talon as he ran to escape the torturer’s dungeon. By now, it was obvious what had happened, Hargnar had taken his opportunity for revenge by taking Ruth. Feyrith ran into the Inn, a sword in his hand and fury in his eyes. He had told Avidel to run, and to not turn back. She did as she was told, and bolted down the mountainside. Back in Hogsfell, all alone and only 14, she waited for her father to return. He never did.

Weeks passed, then months. She knew that her father was gone forever. After living alone in a crime ridden town, she decided that some people, murderers and pillagers, do not deserve to live any longer. But what could she do about it? The guards were all corrupt, so she couldn’t go to them, and a trip to another town by herself was almost a death sentence, especially in the middle of winter. She realized that it was up to her to fight back. so, that’s exactly what she did. She went back to her old home, haunted by the memories of her parents, and she gathered up all of her weaponry. Avidel then left into the forest and set up a small camp. Armed with a bow, dagger, and her knowledge of hunting and basic elemental spells, she lived there for 3 years, honing her skills daily. By the end of her time in the forest, she had learned how to merge her archery with elemental magic, by infusing arrows with her power.

At the age of 17, she started to go to Hogsfell every night. Nobody there had noticed that she wasn’t around, and the criminal situation had gotten worse. She knew what had to be done. She heard about a man who would target the weak and helpless, only to watch them suffer. He would become the first criminal she would execute, although many more would soon follow.

26 years later, she is still going strong. She had become a local legend, known as “The Forestess” and is a sign of hope in the eyes of the poor. However, no mater how many criminals she would bring to justice, more would always appear. Her fight against crime has stopped nothing, and she is now looking to make a real change in the world. She wants to be more than an urban legend, she wants to be a hero.

Avidel Snowheart

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