Kilgar Stoneshod



Race: Human
Class: Heavy Barbarian
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Height: 6ft 7in
Weight: 123kg
Religion: Worshiper of Jornas

Violent Attitude:
+2 Intimidate -2 Persuasion
+1 Damage if intoxicated
+1 Strength if intoxicated

-1 Damage if not intoxicated
-1 Strength if not intoxicated

Blazing anger:
Kilgar goes into a mental fit killing anything whilst taking nothing into account,
He takes 50% less damage and deals 50% more damage and has a chance to
knock most enemies to the ground.


Kilgar Stoneshod was raised on the North-Eastern island of Domak by a nomadic oceanic tribe known as the Ice-breakers. The harsh climate of their homeland had been killing off the nomadic people one by one thus started the great sail, the Ice-breakers sailed for 27 moon cycles and landed on Domak by mistake during a wild storm. After landing on Domak the Ice-breakers quickly set up a small homestead.

Kilgar’s father Ulfrid Stoneshod was the miner and blacksmith of the town known as Sulvat, Kilgar had never known his mother but had been told great stories of how she was a great warrior and a mighty cook. Ulfrid had attempted to teach all he knew to Kilgar, but his lust for destruction and unseasonable rage had been his biggest distraction. Kilgar had learnt some of his fathers trade but sadly before Kilgar turned 20 his father passed away from rot-lung.

Ever since the passing of Ulfrid, Kilgar had progressively gotten more and more angry and one day he snapped. Kilgar went into a raging fit and slaughtered everyone in Sulvat, ever since that day Kilgar has never been the same. Even now Kilgar only grows more and more angry with every engagement. Kilgar enjoys having something to fight and will NEVER back down from a fight he remembers the phrase his father told him “þrútna kveldúlfr, segl” (Rise evening-wolf, set sail) Kilgar’s interpretation of this was to rise to any challenge and venture forth to unknown land.

The only respite Kilgar has, is a large swig mead and a hearty meal only then is Kilgar happy.

Kilgar Stoneshod

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