Mortoril Wanaesim

"Time to disappear..."


Wearing a red cloak and a variety of knives at his disposal, Mortoril is a shady character that specializes in magic that deceives and tricks. He uses spells like making himself less visible or causing a dark cloud which no light can get though. He uses these spells to get him out of trouble and to maneuver around to make the perfect strike. His Ultimate is a smoke bomb that covers the battleground, all enemies can’t see and Mortoril then goes around, turn by turn killing enemies till everyone’s dead.

Race: Wood-Elf
Class: Arcane Rogue
Gender: Male
Age: 210
Nickname: Mort/Morty

Knife Fanatic- +2 when using knives

Social Outcast- -3 when socialising (excludes intimidation)

Mortoril uses his magic to blind his enemies. This allows him and his allies to hit with sneak attack damage. The ultimate ends if Mortoril gets hit or if the battle ends.

Spells (Ideas only)-
Conjure dagger- Mortoril uses his dark magic to create a dagger of darkness. Same damage and skill as a knife. (-10 mp)
Blend- Mortoril blends in with the darkness and becomes hard to see. +3 to Hide. (-5 mp)
Blind- Blinds an enemy for one rotation. -4 perception (-10 mp)


Mortoril lived in Cloniston for his whole life, being trained by the army to be a scout for the elves. He learned about magic and noticed he was quite a natural at it, especially with deceptive magic. when he was 185 years old, he was sent on a scout mission, which failed, leaving him as missing in action. He didn’t bother going back to the town and decided to strike out on his own. His goal is to live the life better then a scout for the elves could ever be, so he is eager for adventure. He doesn’t talk a lot and usually keeps to himself but is always ready to help someone, whether they know it or not.

Mortoril Wanaesim

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