The Return of Darkness

Chapter 5

After the group found the scroll’s chamber they were confronted by a guardian who barred the way, the guardian said that only those who could answer his question may pass, with Sheizor’s great knowledge he easily answered the question and the group was granted entry into the chamber. there they found that the scroll was missing and the only clue was a broken bow.

They traveled back to Everton and showed the bow to Dook who said that the bow belonged to the Black Hand, who were planning t assassinate the king, Dook directed us to the only Black Hand outpost that he was aware of and the group set off.

They traveled by boat to the town of Solaris where they learned of some local children going missing in the middle of the night, deciding to put the Black hand on hold they started to investigate but couldn’t figure out what had happened, then they decided to split up and stake out all the houses that had a child and discovered that in the middle of the night a child had left their house in a trance like state, they followed the child to a cave.

Welcome to The Return of Darkness

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